About Us

Pumwani Maternity Hospital is an obstetric and referral hospital for delivery of expectant mothers in Nairobi, and adjoining counties.  It has 354 bed capacity, 144 baby cots, 3 theatres and High Dependency Unit. HDU and 3rdtheatre are not operational due to shortage of human resource.  Majority of clients are from poor socio-economic background.

To date the Hospital remains the largest facility that solely provides reproductive and neonatal health care in the country and Sub-Saharan Africa.  It has a college of Nursing and Midwifery which can accommodate 104 students at any given time.

Pumwani Maternity Hospital Summarized Report

  1. No. of admission to labor ward range between 1900- 2200 per month translates to over 65 admissions per day.
  2. Deliveries per day ranges between 55-75 with average of 60 deliveries per day (both caesarean and normal deliveries).
  3. Maternal Child Health (services- immunizations BCG and birth polio ranges (1600- 1700 babies immunized).