PMH has 3 theatres namely; – THEATRE .1

                                                   – THEATRE .2

                                                    -THEATRE .3

  • Theatres 1 and 2 are equipped and fully operational while theatre 3 is non- operational as it is yet to be equipped fully.
  • Theatre 1 operates on 24 hour basis
  • While theatre 2 operates on 12hour basis.

Theatre Staff

Staff working in the theatre include:

  1. 25 Nurses
  2. 3 consultants
  3. 5 Medical officers(Surgeons)
  4. 3 Anaesthetic consultants.
  5. 6 Clinical officers  anaesthetic

Cases Handled

1. C-Section: this include 15 -20 cases per day. Such cases are categorized into; – Emergency cases

-Elective cases

2. Exploration and anaesthesia

3. Repairs (tears) – such include;

                                                  A).Cervical tears

                                                 B) .Perennial tears

4. Hysterectomy (Emergency cases only)

Health Records Department

PMH has a records department which is concerned with storing patient records.Among the records stored include;

  • Report records
    • Birth records
    • General files
    • Birth notifications
    • Coding and Indexing
  • Admission records: – Generation of patient files.

                -Documenting in the admissions book

  • Birth records: – Issuance of birth notifications of all babies.

                                         -Processing of late birth registration for those not issued with birth notifications.

  • General files;- Filling all the patient files after being discharged

                                        -Filling all maternal death files.

  • Coding and indexing; – Coding and indexing of patient files before filing.

Reports records: – Uploading data into (DHIS) on monthly basis.

            -Doing data cleanup

          – Doing data validation.

  • Clinic preparations –preparing ANA files and booking of files.