Students’ Affairs

Student support services such as :-

Sports,accommodation and students’ representatives are key at pumwani college of nursing & midwifery.

The Library

Pumwani college of nursing & midwifery library was established in the year 2004 .It has 4000 volumes and 15 computers.

Categorised into:

Circulation Desk-For loaning and charging

Periodical Section-For current books

Reading Area-For reading desks

Computer Area-For desktop computers

Reprography Section-For photocopy

Archives-For old books and newspapers

Librarian’s Office-For the librarian


The college hostels have a capacity of 104 rooms which are shared amongst students.This can accommodate up to 300 students i.e male and female.

Student welfare is key.Observing cleanliness,taking care of the sick students,good meals,tight security,TV hall,dinning hall and good rooms is our pride.